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Edmund Chiu wrote :
> Did you watch the TV series at all? Although in terms of story, Zeta is
> among the best in Gundam TV series, it still suffers from one of the common
> "features" of its times - inconsistance animation and various "filler"
> episodes. Besides, wouldn't you want the Zeta movie to at least mention the
> various UC "sidestories", like 08 MS Team, 0080 or 0083? Maybe we can have
> Kou and Nina visited Camille in the beginning and ask for his input for
> Zeta...

I have to agree on both points.

First, I've rewatched Zeta recently, and I was struck by the lack of
concistency in animation from one episode to another (not to mention
some characters changing faces, just ask Beltochika about that). I
wouldn't say there are fill ins, at least not by today's standarts: come
on, Zeta fillins are still great! That's my point: I'd love to see Zeta
redone (like in the psx version which featured gorgeous anime parts) but
it's still my favorite anime series.

The other part is interesting: I can't picture 0083 as an "official"
gundam series, I mean it's really too gross in a lot of aspects, but
having Zeta mentionning 0083 events would be really great (and I guess
retocon wouldn't be appliable to 0083 anymore). The same goes for 08th
MS Team and its wacky timeline.
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