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> >> They already did. I have the two volume Laser Disk set that includes
> 50
> >> episodes in the same format as Mobile Suit Gundam I, II, and III.
> Really not interested, to be honest. IMO, Zeta Gundam movies would be a
> poor second to the actual TV series. And while I might be desperate, I'm
> *that* desperate...

    Did you watch the TV series at all? Although in terms of story, Zeta is
among the best in Gundam TV series, it still suffers from one of the common
"features" of its times - inconsistance animation and various "filler"
episodes. Besides, wouldn't you want the Zeta movie to at least mention the
various UC "sidestories", like 08 MS Team, 0080 or 0083? Maybe we can have
Kou and Nina visited Camille in the beginning and ask for his input for

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