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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >> BTW, Kota or anyone else can anwser this, why does some MS, like this one
> >> Zaku III, I saw have these huge tubes sticking out of its lower part of the
> >> back pack, what are those tubes for?
> >Yeah, that's this Zaku. And those things are called Propellant Tanks if
> >we speak of the speak of the same thing and well, their role is pretty
> >obvious. I guess they appeared by the end of OYW since the ever
> >excellent Gelgoog Jaeger has two of them.
> >-- Djallel
> Hmmmm...I notice that it's the Jions which normally have fuel
> the Feds have fueltank options for their MS's? I know that some of the
> Protoype gundams did have FT's, but what about the GM's?

Well, the only Fed units using PT I can think of are from Sentinel, but
let's give a look at the whole list of MSs using this:

Desert Zaku from MSV, Regelg from MS-X/ZZ (but I'm not sure), Zaku III
kai (looks like the regular one has some too, but smaller) from ZZ, Eye
Zaku from ZZ, Jamul Fin from ZZ, ReGZ's Back Weapon System from CCA,
Sazabi from CCA, Alpha Aziel from CCA (huge ones),Gelgoog Jaeger from
0080, Rick Dom Zwei from 0080, Superior Gundam from Sentinel (at least
the Booster Unit), Zeta Plus from Sentinel, Gundam mk.V from Sentinel,
Gelgoog Marine from 0083, Dra C from 0083 and Gerbera Tetra from 0083.

That's all I could find in early UC but I'm far from sure this is an
accurate and complete list: for example, when I checked in the MS
Encyclopedia, I didn't find any Propellant Tank on MSZ-006C1 or A1 but
any pramodeler will remember there are two of them in the model, so I
think this is an operation option, not used all the time.
It looks like it appeared circa ZZ.

I think the idea is to make MS usable for a longer time independantly.
That raises another question (I guess it has already been developped
here): how long can a MS work on its own before running out of fuel? I
know that's pretty vague a question since you have to consider wether it
used part of its energy fighting and that kind of things. Basically,
that's the idea behind Dodai and other booster beds: saving energy which
would have been used to move.

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