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It's supposed to be called Dolby EX or something...costs about 5 grand to
install the system.

>> >I know all the theaters in my area scrambled to get themselves
>> >THX-compliable.
>> THX is just a certification program, I know quite a few THX theaters
>> actually have horrible presentation due to lack of maintainance, among
>> host of other factors.
>No, THX is more than that. It is also a speaker qualification. The new
>THX qualification
>is supposed to be 7 speaker areas. 2 Front, 3 Side, and 2 Rear. The old
>THX soundset
>in 6 areas: 2 front, 3 side, and 1 rear. I had recieved a letter that
>explained all this, but
>I can't find it now.
>But THX is more than a certification program.
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