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On Fri, 21 May 1999 02:22:33 -0700 Edward Ju <gundam@loop.com> writes:
> >He's a kid. What do you expect? Sheesh.
> >What? You wanted him to be spewing Anti-Federation speeches like our
> >character Gato or something. Cut the kid some slack. He's a 10 year
> >acting out a part as a 10 year old.
> Except he didn't sound like a 10 year old kid reacting to what was
> around him, that's my beef! There was no urgency. You're in a
> and droid fighters are flying around you, frankly you should sound a

I looked at it like this. Here we have a kid that was a pod racer, a
remarkably calm
and controlled podracer at that. If you compare his reaction when he is
to when he is flying the fighter, his reaction is much the same, with the
difference being that he doesn't know where the controls are in the
fighter. I don't
know about you, but it has generally been my impression that if you get
or frantic in a cockpit, you generally end up being dead very quickly.
From all
we had seen before Anakin isn't a panicy or urgent type, especially not
in a cockpit.
To him, being in one cockpit is exactly the same as being in another.

Also, don't bring up an arguement about control types being different. As
we saw in
ANH, Star Wars seems to use a generic control type for all craft, with
the only
difference being in the layout of buttons and the functions of said
buttons. In fact,
it is specifically mentioned.

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