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> could someone tell me the basic differences
> between this MG DOM from (Dom) 0083 version
> and the Rick Dom

This 1:100 MG is the very first Dom (MS-09)
appeared in the one year war. They are
at first intended for ground combat on Earth
w/ powerful leg thruster so it can glide on
ground like a hovercraft, greatly increasing
MS mobility. Rick Dom (MS-09R) is the space
combat version of MS-09 in which the earth-use
leg thrusters were replaced by engines slightly
less powerful as there's no gravity in space.

The Rick Dom appeared after the OYW (0080 & 0083)
is called Rick Dom II (MS-09R2), w/ even more
powerful engine, + the most noticable facial
difference of having the Zaku style conducting
cable under the cross mono-eye. Besides the hyper
bazooka & heat sword, RDII also use the 90mm
machine guns & panzer fausts, depends on the nature
of missions. However, the 1:100 MG MS-09 kit also
included these weapons for OYW autheticity.

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