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 What many people seem to forget is that George Lucas didn't know how Star
Wars: A
 New Hope would do...hell, he even had trouble selling the film in the first
 place. He didn't have the luxury of adding the foreshadowing that was
 in The Phantom Menace. After A New Hope turned out to be a big success, he
 the Empire Strikes Back with a cliffhanger ending...both with the freezing of
 Solo and the revelation that Vader was Skywalker's father. Thus, the first
 released Star Wars movie had more of a sense of closure to it than The
 Menace. If that movie was the only Star Wars movie to be released, it would
 been fine since there were really no 'loose ends' to tie up. Since Lucas is
 paying for The Phantom Menace on his own, he can afford to use this movie as
 setup for the next two. I think people will have to hold off judgement on the
 actual story of the Prequels until they've all been made.
I am not complaining about the loose ends. I just honestly think that the
whole plot was truthfully kinda BS just there to "conveniently" set up the
next two. I think George is going overboard and hiding behind this whole
"well the point of this movie is to introduce the characters" line. That was
the point of A New Hope as well, but that seemed to have a non fake feeling
plot. But you know I am sick of my own complaints of this movie since I
actually have found a few "answers/justifications" for my beefs. The revenge
spoken of was probably the fact that the Sith were wiped out. This was the
first phase of the revenge by getting Palpatine, a Sith who wanted to claim
power, into a position where he could enat phase 2, the destruction of the
Jedi and the formation of the Empire. Also I guess the reason the other
Droid Controlling ships left was because the Trade Federation Fleet wanted to
hide the evidence of their crime as much as possible and they thought one
ship could hold the planet by that time. I am seeing it agin and I will
still like it. Pardon my complaints.

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