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>> They're fuel tanks. I'm not sure if they were introduced as early as Zeta,
>> but I know they were first prominent in ZZ Gundam, and showed up series
>> that followed (like 0080, 8th MS, Stardust, CCA, etc). They usually stick
>> out the back so they can be ejected when emptied.
>Ah, so Mobile Suits need extra fuel for long range missions? I didn't know
>that. Does anyone know how long an MS runs, before it needs refueling,
>without those tanks? After that question is answered, how far does these
>tanks extend an MS's range?

        Does this explain the relative lack of FT's on Fed Ms's? That the Jions,
being based in space, are more prone to go on long range recon missions,
while Feds tend to go around in battle groups?

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