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>> BTW, Kota or anyone else can anwser this, why does some MS, like this one
>> Zaku III, I saw have these huge tubes sticking out of its lower part of the
>> back pack, what are those tubes for?
>Yeah, that's this Zaku. And those things are called Propellant Tanks if
>we speak of the speak of the same thing and well, their role is pretty
>obvious. I guess they appeared by the end of OYW since the ever
>excellent Gelgoog Jaeger has two of them.
>-- Djallel

        Hmmmm...I notice that it's the Jions which normally have fuel
the Feds have fueltank options for their MS's? I know that some of the
Protoype gundams did have FT's, but what about the GM's?

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