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>(OT) STARWARS Only read if you've seen the movie already

>As popular as he is,
>Darth Maul is REALLY only even in the movie to kill Qui-Gon Jinn so that
>Anakin can be Obi-Wan's Padawan Apprentice.

Actually it's the other way around... Darth Maul has to die so Anakin can
become Darth Sidius/Senator Palpatine's apprectice.

The most ridiculous scene happens at the end, with a bunch of Jedi knights
around senator Palpatine, yet no one realizes they are standing next to a
Sith Lord! I thought they all could feel the Force or something.

>Not only does he have no screen
>time, but we don't even know why he wants Revenge on the Jedis.

Sith Lords and Jedis are sworn enemies, IIRC the Sith Lords were exterminated
by the Jedis.

>And what was
>the deal with the force fields? Again on;y to separate Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan
>so Obi-Wan can helplessly watch Qui-Gon die.

Hehehe, actually you don't need the force fields - just have Maul off Qui-Gon
when OB1 was getting back up from the ledge.

>Or the "autopilot" on the Star Fighter which conveniently gets Anakin up in
>Space so he can accidentally blow up the "only" droid controlling spaceship.
>Which is hilarious because in the beginning of the movie they show like 20-30
>of these droid controlling ships circling the planet, but they mysteriously
>dissappear by the end.

Or the fact the Gungans stood around and picked their noses while the
battle droids are being unloaded from the tank, instead of charging them
before they are ready!

>I dunno I am going to see it again on Sunday and probably again after that
>and maybe then my opinons will change. But to be honest I have a hard time
>saying it is better then Jedi. But make your own opinion. and tell me what
>you think

Hehehe, I think it's a notch above Return of the Jedi unless the fan service
shots count for more points.


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