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> > That's not right. Why do they even have US, European. etc., Branches then?
> > Its like why even bother, know what I mean?
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> > Aaron
> It's called customer support. If you are a large corporation with a
> multinational cliental, then you had better have an office locally for each
> of the countries you have customers in. Example: I work for Tokyo Electron
> Arizona (TAZ), which is owned by Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL), and works with
> (but separate from) the US branch Tokyo Electron America (TEA). There is also
> Tokyo Electron Europe (TEE) and Tokyo Electron Korea (TEK). TEL supports
> their products in Japan, TEA supports TEL products in the US, TEE supports
> both TEL and TAZ products throughout Europe, as well as TEK supporting Korea,
> Taiwan, and the Philippines. TAZ supports its own products in every country
> with TAZ products in them, but do to lack of manpower TAZ is supported by TEE
> and TEK. And the fact that TAZ used to be MRC (Materials Research
> Corporation, owned by Sony) does play a part in this crazy TE support
> flowchart. And that is normal for most Multinational companies, as I
> understand it.

Sometimes it is a detriment, though. I was talking to a DVD buying friend
of mine about how I think it's bullshit that DVDs were supposed to all be
anamorphic so people with widescreen TVs would benefit from the max rez
possible, not just the same laserdisc transfer, black bars and all. You
know what he tells me? Consumers in Europe (he was talking England,
actually) get almost all their DVDs anamorphic. You know why? Because
more people there have widescreen TVs. So we get screwed. Simply just
screwed because if it were just one big company they could offer everybody
the same good product instead of having a reason to give whole regions the
shitty product. Too lazy here to retransfer the movies again. *But* some
part of their company is already expending money to transfer them that way
but since it's all separated DVD buyers here get dick. And regional lock
outs make it worse.


"Besides, you'd have to have 20 different encryptions for 'dick' or
 they'd crack it in a day."

- Shannan, on encryption difficulties

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