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> Ok, I just wanted to get a few things off mychest and have a conversation
> about this movie with others who have seen it. While I did think it was a
> fun movie, I must admit that I did get the feeling that the movie was REALLY
> only there to setup the next two. I mean so was the original Star Wars A New
> Hope, but Episode IV actually just felt like it was an independent great
> movie. With Episode 1 it seemed like there honestly was no importance to the
> movie at all other then to setup the next two literally. And don't get me
> wrong I liked the movie and am a huge fan. But it seemed like the Star Wars
> equivalant of Star Trek: Generations, where the ONLY point of that movie was
> to have a Next Generation movie in existence and to kill off Kirk so that no
> one could whine about no more classic Trek Movies. As popular as he is,
> Darth Maul is REALLY only even in the movie to kill Qui-Gon Jinn so that
> Anakin can be Obi-Wan's Padawan Apprentice. Not only does he have no screen
> time, but we don't even know why he wants Revenge on the Jedis. And what was
> the deal with the force fields? Again on;y to separate Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan
> so Obi-Wan can helplessly watch Qui-Gon die.

What many people seem to forget is that George Lucas didn't know how Star Wars: A
New Hope would do...hell, he even had trouble selling the film in the first
place. He didn't have the luxury of adding the foreshadowing that was apparent
in The Phantom Menace. After A New Hope turned out to be a big success, he made
the Empire Strikes Back with a cliffhanger ending...both with the freezing of
Solo and the revelation that Vader was Skywalker's father. Thus, the first
released Star Wars movie had more of a sense of closure to it than The Phantom
Menace. If that movie was the only Star Wars movie to be released, it would have
been fine since there were really no 'loose ends' to tie up. Since Lucas is
paying for The Phantom Menace on his own, he can afford to use this movie as a
setup for the next two. I think people will have to hold off judgement on the
actual story of the Prequels until they've all been made.

> Or the "autopilot" on the Star Fighter which conveniently gets Anakin up in
> Space so he can accidentally blow up the "only" droid controlling spaceship.
> Which is hilarious because in the beginning of the movie they show like 20-30
> of these droid controlling ships circling the planet, but they mysteriously
> dissappear by the end.

Easy. After they took over the planet and the palace, the rest left, leaving the
one ship to control the holding army.

I thought that Lloyds acting when talking to other actors was a bit stilted, but
he was okay when doing his dialogue with the CG characters and the droids. Give
him a break, he's a kid. Also, he won't be in the next two prequels.

I couldn't understand what the hell Jar Jar was saying until halfway through the
movie. I'll have to see it again just to find out what he was saying earlier.

And no one has mentioned the lightsaber duels...especially the final fight with
Kenobi and Maul...that was the best lightsaber action I've seen yet. It was
probably helped by the fact that Ray Park (Maul) is an accomplished martial

My two yen,

Joaquin Torres

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