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> Subject: Re: [gundam] SPOILER![WOT] Star Wars Reaction
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> > Yeah, it's funny, isn't it?
> >
> > X-Wings are what I call "ageless" design. It's so good, it still looks
> > cool several decade after it was designed ( I didn't want to call it
> > classic). Maybe in another half a century, it'll look aged...
> >
> > Droids are much better in TPM, but ships, brrr......
> People seem to forget this is a Prequel, therefore the ships are older then
> the ones from the 3 SW movies already made. They have to look older, then the
> X-Wings, A-wings, etc.
> Aaron

People also seem to forget that they've had 20 odd years to jack off to the
divine perfection of every design from the first three movies but this new
one is just coming out. There's no way to tell right now which ones would
be considered better/cooler designs. We haven't seen episode 2 or 3 yet,


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