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> Well, for once, I'm just waiting for Anime Village to come out
> with the tapes for ZETA GUNDAM and GUNDAM ZZ. So far, they've
> just come out with the MS GUNDAM movie trilogy (which saves them
> the trouble of releasing 8-odd volumes of a 41-episode TV series),

I haven't seen the movies or the series, but I wish AV would release the
entire series, so I can see the MA's and the parts that weren't in the movie.

> and two OAV series (WAR IN THE POCKET and STARDUST MEMORY). As
> part of that old school, I can't see the UC series without the TV
> anime (which includes ZZ because Bright Noah and the New Aghama
> crew make a hefty contribution to CCA later on).
> I'm not really holding my breath waiting for Anime Village to
> get to those series, though. One remembers that AnimEigo seemed

I don't think AV has tp "get" those shows, since they are part of Bandai
Japan, they probably only have to get a go ahead to release those shows.

> to have disappeared as far as new releases were concerned fol-
> lowing a rather ambitious release of 19 volumes of URUSEI YASTU-
> RA TV episodes a few years back...

Well, AV is part of Bandai Japan... and they did say they where going to do
all 20 years of Gundam, and they are going to release Brain Powerd...

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