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> Looking at the pictures, HG Refine's real name is "HG Universal Century"
> line.
> And looks like Quebeley is the one that will be released after Zaku-II
> Custom!
> It's juicy. Go check it out!


For those of you that wants to know...

HGUC will appearently re-release RX-78-2, in Perfect/Master Grade Retoconn
style, of course.

The DOM looks just absolutely huge. I'm really interested in how that one
goes, but as far as MGs go, that one may be the closest to capturing the
PG-ness while remaining in MG price (well, it's kinda like the RX-78 GP-02,
if you know what I mean)...

One of the more interesting dioramas involve TurnA 1/100 scale, with whole
bunches of Flats getting its ass kicked. Look for surprises in that
diorama, or if you have really slow connection, turn to the end of this
message to find out what the surprises are...

As suspected, TurnA is getting 1/100 treatment, along with SUMO (Probe is
now waiting in line somewhere in Japan for the next 60 days) and FLAT.
WADOME is just absolutely huge, as the 1/144 just outsizes the 1/100 Sumo
and Flat.

As for the new Gundam Toys, I see Gundam, Zakus, Goufs, and Did I see a Dom,
or was just that my active imagination?

Hmmm... RX-78-2 vs. TurnA? Possibly, but check out the Chogokin Gundam.
IT's milky smooth, and just may be the ultra expensive crack related toy
item of the year.

For the collector that's gotta have the neato toy of the year, look for the
small all metal figurines, entitiles Chogokin Nano. I guess you gotta put
them together or something, but MS never looked so classy as before
(entirely in brass/pewter finish). Mmm...

More Mobile Suit in Action. It gets me a bit worried. Our Gundam toys
seems to have no knees or ankles. And it comes with a beam javelin, but no

The HGUC Guncannon can do the Cowpose after all!

Hmm... I wonder, whether or not Bandai will also re-release en-mass the
original Gundam along with the HGUC Gundam? What's even more interesting on
the new HGUC Gundam package is that the model mimicks the original model
kit, right down to the "pro-photo" shots on the side of the box! What a
heapin' helpin' of nostalgia! I want one to kitbash with the original HG
RX-78-2... Now can they just release a 1/144 Zeta with MG Stylin? or 1/144
RX-178 for that matter?

Y. Choe

In what could be a foreshadowing of things to come in the TurnA series, the
MS Surprises embedded in the mountain are: Zaku, Rick Dias ( or something
red. I couldn't tell too well ) and Serpent Custom.

More fun things to come, I suppose.

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