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(OT) STARWARS Only read if you've seen the movie already



Ok, I just wanted to get a few things off mychest and have a conversation
about this movie with others who have seen it. While I did think it was a
fun movie, I must admit that I did get the feeling that the movie was REALLY
only there to setup the next two. I mean so was the original Star Wars A New
Hope, but Episode IV actually just felt like it was an independent great
movie. With Episode 1 it seemed like there honestly was no importance to the
movie at all other then to setup the next two literally. And don't get me
wrong I liked the movie and am a huge fan. But it seemed like the Star Wars
equivalant of Star Trek: Generations, where the ONLY point of that movie was
to have a Next Generation movie in existence and to kill off Kirk so that no
one could whine about no more classic Trek Movies. As popular as he is,
Darth Maul is REALLY only even in the movie to kill Qui-Gon Jinn so that
Anakin can be Obi-Wan's Padawan Apprentice. Not only does he have no screen
time, but we don't even know why he wants Revenge on the Jedis. And what was
the deal with the force fields? Again on;y to separate Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan
so Obi-Wan can helplessly watch Qui-Gon die.

Or the "autopilot" on the Star Fighter which conveniently gets Anakin up in
Space so he can accidentally blow up the "only" droid controlling spaceship.
Which is hilarious because in the beginning of the movie they show like 20-30
of these droid controlling ships circling the planet, but they mysteriously
dissappear by the end.

To be truly honest with myself, I am biased in that because it is Star Wars I
want to say that it is great and that people who don't like it are people
that come in with bloated expectations. But to be honest it really is
honestly a pretty crappily made, but entertaining, movie...

there I said it, can't believe that I did...

I mean honestly there are holes in the thing you could drive a legion of
Death Stars through...

I dunno I am going to see it again on Sunday and probably again after that
and maybe then my opinons will change. But to be honest I have a hard time
saying it is better then Jedi. But make your own opinion. and tell me what
you think

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