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> Spoiler!
> I just saw it today. I went to the theater at 1:45pm. There was no
line. I
> bought a ticket to the 2:00pm show and went into a half full theater.
> no big deal to see this movie.

Yeah, that was pretty weird. I was in EB looking at some of the new games
I heard some guys talking about other people who went to see it earlier
One guy knew of a kid who went to see the movie 3 times: 12:00, 3:00, and
I'm standing there thinking that that was a little extreme. Then I saw
the movie,
and I could see someone watching it several times. Sheesh, I have
definate plans
to see it at least 3 more times in the next two weeks.

> As for the movie itself... Great, I loved it. I thought the accents
> annoying but other than that it was superb. Its better than Return of
> Jedi.
I noticed the same thing. What? Were they trying to do a Japanese/Chinese
or something? Just like someone else commented earlier today, TPM is now
second favorite Star Wars movie, right behind Empire Strikes Back.

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