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> Bandai America needs to be more
> like Bandai Japan. Bandai America is only a shadow of what Bandai Japan
> They are releasing Bandai Japans Dinozone as Dinozaurs in america though.
> Aaron

Having my company owned by a Japanese company, I can say with little doubt
that this is standard practice for Japanese companies. The American side get
very little support form Japan, while European offices are left to their own
devices. And come to think of it, other countries in Asia and the Pacific are
also not supported very well, either. The current problem my portion of the
company is having with our owners is that Japan will not support any
non-Japanese designed products. I don't think it's racial, but more of a
control issue. If it's not in house (i.e., Japan), then it's not worth the
effort to produce or support.

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