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> In the US, I would say the Sunrise/Bandai is doing better than last year,
> still very poor when compared to an American icon like Star Wars. As for
> their performance in other countries, I can't say, since I don't do much
> travelly outside of the US.

Sunrise/Bandai Japan is an Japanese compnay. The only products Bandai Japan
has released in America is the Animevillage stuff. Bandai America is a
different company. When I replyed to him eariler about he can't compare
George Lucas to Bandai, I should have made myself more clear, which I am
going to do right. He can reply if he wants to. Is he comparing Bandai
America and Lucas Films or is he comparing Lucas Films to Bandai Japan?
Bandai America is only Bandai in name from what I have read, so comparing
Bandai America to Lucas Films is no comparsion at all. But if he meant Bandai
Japan and what Lucas Films releases in Japan I understand. Bandai America
makes average american toys, and imports Bandai Japans Final Fantasy 7 and 8
figures and at first the Japanese DBZ stuff. Bandai America needs to be more
like Bandai Japan. Bandai America is only a shadow of what Bandai Japan is.
They are releasing Bandai Japans Dinozone as Dinozaurs in america though.


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