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>I'd rather the Zaku 1 MG's be a Sazabi and a Type 100, or ANY other cool
>designs like a Kampfer, etc., etc. Give old robots that have sucky kits, the

        You know, I prefer the MGs to concentrate on producing MS that are
obviously popular.. So, while I'm still dreaming, I'll like to see the
following MGs come out, in the order that they are listed:

        1) Rick Dom
        2) Dom Trop
        3) Kampfer
        4) Zaku FZ (Just a refit of the standard Zaku?)
        5) RGM-79G Command(o) (=])
        6) RX-78XNT1 (Not really high on my views..)

        Actually, it seems like most of these are 0080 MSs.. hmm. Is it just
me, or did Bandai "forget" the existence of 0080?

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