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> A quick poll: who's been smarter at merchandizing, George Lucas vs.
> Sunrise/Bandai? It seems like George made enough money to cover the
> production cost (US$140M?) from the toys, books, CD even before the movie
> opened. George gave the the fans what they ask for: action figures,
> action toys, computer games, stickers, lunch box, coloring books, picture
> story book, but only 3 lousy kits (because no one builds models anyway).
> From a pure profit point of view, how do you rate the marketing and
> merchandizing effort of Sunrise/Bandai for this anniversary year?

In the US, I would say the Sunrise/Bandai is doing better than last year, but
still very poor when compared to an American icon like Star Wars. As for
their performance in other countries, I can't say, since I don't do much
travelly outside of the US.

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