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    Although the verdict on Turn A Gundam is not in yet, a lot of Gundam
fans, especially those who like the "old school" Gundam (like original
Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Char's Counterattack, or other UC timeline Gundam
stories), who wouldn't watch Turn A Gundam if you pay us to watch it. I know
I don't speak for all "old school" Gundam fans, but most of my friends, who
are serious Gundam modellers (resin kits, and occasional model kits, like a
MG Dom or PG Gundam), are seriously offended by the Turn A Gundam designs
(both mecha and character).

    Turn A Gundam bashing aside, I just want to know if people on the list
think that the possibility of Bandai releasing the Zeta Gundam series in a
movie format, sort of like what they did with the original Gundam. Zeta
Gundam has always been a lot of Gundam fans' favorite (although that is not
really true on the mailing list, since probably 80% of you guys (or gals)
never even watched it yet), and with the "aged", not to mention inconsistant
also, quality, it would be great time to get the old Gundam fans interest
back (with no dis-respect to Turn A Gundam, but you have to agree that
unless people praise the show, people like myself wouldn't watch it), not to
mention a great time to push other Zeta era MGs into the market (I certainly
won't mind the re-release of MG Zeta).

    Personally, I would love to see it, although I see the problem that
Bandai might not want to spend a lot of money and time to re-animate a lot
of Zeta. I believe they can do what they did with the Zeta game - mix
computer graphics with traditional anime drawings (draw the characters by
hand, let the computer draw the rest). I believe the character and drama
part of the animation of the footage in the Zeta game is fine, but the MS
fighting scene needs work, since to me, the MS movement seems "unrealistic".
What do you guys think?

    As a sidenote, the Playstation emulator Bleem! is out already. I used it
to play Zeta Gundam, although the quality is not that great (might had
something to do with how to set the different settings), but it's a start,
since the program would let you play PS game from any country (yes, even

Edmund Chiu

My favorite Gundam of all times:
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