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> On Wed, 19 May 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> > watch Gundam's anniversary, and it's also not _quite_ fair, since there
> > NO big "Gundam: The Renewal" movie or "Gundam Side Story Prequel: The
> > Phantom Gundam MS" coming out to stir the flames. That being said, it
> There is! TURN-A! What is not quite fair is that Gundam fans have not
> been starved for 16 yrs, but the sequel is there. And that works both for
> and against you know.

Turn A just didn't stir the flames, it stirred them to roaring flames!
Correct, There was Wing, Endless Waltz, 08th MS Team.

> > "Revival" line that appears to be as bland as the original series, a TV
> Hey! I take exception to that! ;( If the revival line is as "bland" as
> the original series, I'd be jumping up and down with joy.

The revival line sounds like a God send to me. Now, I don't have to buy the
old ones, when some of them will be redone with todays HG standrads. Not that
I would mind the work of the old kits, but I'd prefer something like this
revival line to cut my work in half.

> Ok enough about models, we have speculated to death based on a few
> scratchy pics from the web. What about the figures, chokokins, books,
> comics, CD, posters, stickers, phone cards, coloring books, baby squishy
> toys? (ok, maybe skip the baby squishy toys)

Not to mention a Diecast Turn A toy and a plastic DX Turn A toy, accordding

> One thing I can say: the timing of product releases are done very
> differently. TPM products basically came out in a huge wack, Gundam
> products seems coming out in a trickle.

I noticed that too. Which doesn't bother me about the Gundam releases coming
out in a trickle, it gives me time to buy them, but I do wish the new Gundam
stuff would be released somewhat faster.

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