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> But NATO is not the only player in this game. Talk about dogma, Milosevic
> is using a rallying cry that dates back to the the 1300s.

So Milosevic is Anti-Christ, ok? Demonizing him all you want, I've never
taken his side. Nor has the rest of the world if you actually stop and
listen to what they say. I am saying the "no bodybags needed" dogma has
strengthen the bad guys and kill rather than save Albanian refugees.

> And, again, I challenge you to tell me "what's right, the right way."

hehehe, it's coming up.

> I don't worry about buying the products of slave labor because the
> slavemasters have already made their profit long before those products get

Yeah yeah I use the same rationalization. It's pretty convenient.

> Have you ever considered that the bombing is so sloppy because the pilots
> have not had enough sleep?

If a cop has shaky hands, he shouldn't fire at the criminal in a mall
full of innocent shoppers. For that matter, he shouldn't fire his gun
even if he has steady hands.

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