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>> It's hard to say, since very few of us are actually IN Japan now to
>> watch Gundam's anniversary, and it's also not _quite_ fair, since there is
>> NO big "Gundam: The Renewal" movie or "Gundam Side Story Prequel: The
>> Phantom Gundam MS" coming out to stir the flames. That being said, it
>> seems to me that Bandai really dropped the ball on the Big-Bang-Blowout...
>> there's just a few more recycled MG kits coming out (Big deal), a
>> "Revival" line that appears to be as bland as the original series, a TV
>> series that's not particularly well liked, etc... I'd say Lucas has Gundam
>> creamed pretty good.
>> A matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if the hype for
>> "Phantom Menace" in Japan has already far overshadowed any Gundam Hype.

For one thing, Star Wars has unloaded all it's ammuntion at us at once.
Imagine if Bandai realeased both PG kits, 6 or 7 MGs, Started Turn A,
released G-Savior, as well as books and all those little capsule toys all
within one month.

I think Bandai is doing a decent Gundam anniversery. Could be much worse.
Remember any of Star Trek's anniverseries? neither do I. I think they could
have used higher quality animation for Turn A, made it stand out from any
other anime series. And last years Gundam the Movie was cheap rehash of
previous series. But I'm not in Japan, I don't know how its being received.

A better comparison would be between ST:TPM and Mononoke Hime. Apparently
MH was such a big phenomenon people stood in the theaters because they
weren't enough seats to satisfy demand.


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