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On Wed, 19 May 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> watch Gundam's anniversary, and it's also not _quite_ fair, since there is
> NO big "Gundam: The Renewal" movie or "Gundam Side Story Prequel: The
> Phantom Gundam MS" coming out to stir the flames. That being said, it

There is! TURN-A! What is not quite fair is that Gundam fans have not
been starved for 16 yrs, but the sequel is there. And that works both for
and against you know.

> "Revival" line that appears to be as bland as the original series, a TV

Hey! I take exception to that! ;( If the revival line is as "bland" as
the original series, I'd be jumping up and down with joy.

Ok enough about models, we have speculated to death based on a few
scratchy pics from the web. What about the figures, chokokins, books,
comics, CD, posters, stickers, phone cards, coloring books, baby squishy
toys? (ok, maybe skip the baby squishy toys)

One thing I can say: the timing of product releases are done very
differently. TPM products basically came out in a huge wack, Gundam
products seems coming out in a trickle.

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