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The Book Formerly Known as "Fighting Text" arrived the other day. It's the
guide book for the Playstation CCA game. I collect these, as I do the Role
Playing Game (RPG) books, even though I don't play the games, because they
often have lots of interesting background information.

Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counter Attack Battle Document (1999.3.27,
Asahiya Shuppan, ISBN4-7511-0158-7) 118 color pages for ¥1,600.

While the main action is set in UC 0093, the game covers the entire 15 year
span from UC 0079 to UC 0093.

Lots of CG illustration by Tomokazu Nagashima and Mokoto Takahashhi, some
of which is reminiscent of Hajime Katoki's Gundam FIX. Lots of
Romanizations, and all of them consistent except for one obvious typo
("Amuro VS Cher") that made me visualize a Japanese idol singer competing
with an American diva in a singing contest.

Here are the Romanizations of people, places and things. MS/MA names are
only given where they differ from expectation or are otherwise contentious.

Amuro Ray
Char Aznable
Bright Noa
Chan Agi
Kayra Su
Astonaige Medoz
Anna Anan
Quess Paraya (Air)
Gyunei Guss
Nanai Mingeru
Rezin Schnyder
Horst Harnes
Kaises M. Buyer
Lalah Sune
Camille Bidan
Ryu Hosei
Fraw Bow
Machilda Ajan
Ranba Ral
Beltorchika Iruma
Tem Ray
Camaria Ray
Hassaway Noa
Sayla Mass
Zabi's Family
Quattro Vageena
Haman Karn
Reccoa Ronde
Blex Forer
Cameron Broom
October Saran
Adenauer Paraya
Catherine (Adenauer's mistress bitten by Quess)
Christina (Quess friend beaten by ManHunter)
Earth Federation
Principality of Zeon
MSM-07S Zugog
MAN-08 Elmeth
MSN-02 Zeong
Londo Bell
Neo Zeon
FF-XA-Bst Core Booster
RMS-106 Hi-Zack
MRX-009 Psyco Gundam
AMX-004 Qubeley
NZ-000 Quin Mantha
Doek (Petite MS)
NZ-333 Alpha Azieru
Nahel Agama
Anneheim Electronics (htmp://uww.ANNEHEIM.co.ln.gr)
Paptimus Scirocco
Judau Ashta
Üso Ewin
Seabook Arno

Two items of interest: Sayla Mass is the official pilot of the RX-78-3
Gundam G3 and page 116 defines the characteristics of a Newtype. They are
Great Ability and Telepathy, the former consisting of "Refrexes" and
Insight and the latter of "Pressure of The Enemy" and Nonverbal Communication.
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