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> It's hard to say, since very few of us are actually IN Japan now to
> watch Gundam's anniversary, and it's also not _quite_ fair, since there is
> NO big "Gundam: The Renewal" movie or "Gundam Side Story Prequel: The
> Phantom Gundam MS" coming out to stir the flames. That being said, it
> seems to me that Bandai really dropped the ball on the Big-Bang-Blowout...
> there's just a few more recycled MG kits coming out (Big deal), a
> "Revival" line that appears to be as bland as the original series, a TV
> series that's not particularly well liked, etc... I'd say Lucas has Gundam
> creamed pretty good.
> A matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if the hype for
> "Phantom Menace" in Japan has already far overshadowed any Gundam Hype.

Yay for Probe! I agree with you.

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