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> Well, I *just* got back from "That Movie". And I can say that I enjoyed it,
> though it lacked any real dramatic punch, in my opinion. Eye candy at its
> best, I must admit. Oh well... What it *really* accomplished was to set up
> the remaining two movies. In that respect, I liked it. Curse the fact taht
> I'll have to wait six years to get a full opinion on this movie. For now,
> I'll be happy to proclaim it "A Star Wars Movie".

Well, I just came back from "That Movie", too. I agree with you that it racked
But, the special effects waer amazing and it will keep you entertained through
out the movie.
There were no shots that did not have any special effects in it. And, yes, it
was " A Star Wars Movie ", no daught.

> While I'm ranting about it, my buddy scored a pair of "12:01's" on Tuesday
> afternoon; a little surprising, augmented when we talked to the guys sitting
> behind us who revealed they got their tickets when they got there. I went to
> one of the city's "lesser" theatres, which probably explains that. Anyway,
> we got fourthrow-centre seats, much to the dismay of many people who'd been
> waiting there since lunch (or earlier).

I went to Mann Chinese. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. They had more
enough tickets to go around and traffic wasn't that bad. People were screaming
and yelling,
but I guess it was worse in 70's and 80's. May be 90's people aren't as crazy as
say we are. You know what I mean.

> I was planning to avoid the movie until the following weekend (I ain't much
> of a SW fan), but when I heard about the 12:01's I jumped at it.
> Unfortunately, this meant that I was in a huge crowd of SW fanatics, and I
> don't mean the civil kind. Thus, I spent the movie sitting next to a couple
> of costumers: Darth BO and Odor Fett. They'd been there *all day* in hot,
> poorly-ventilated outfits. Ugh, that detracted me more than a little.
> Good points? The movie had TRANSFORMING MECHA in it, man! GIANT ROBOTS! They
> looked awesome, though they seemed to come from a Macross vein. If they can
> do these fighter/walker things this well, then Gundam CGI won't be far
> behind. Huzzah, we have hope for Gundam live action stuff done *well*!

I certainly hope so." Star Wars " costed Lucas about 120 millions, and it will
probably break Titanic's record. Only if they could do it as good as ILM, I
think Gundam has chance. ( May be Sunrise should hire ILM to do it? ) Only if
they could forget about how bad " Godzilla " and " Starship Trooper " did on the
box office, and willing to risk it and pay for the development.
But, for now, let's see how good " G-Savior " will be?

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