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> and detail lacking. The Zaku 1 should be in this new renewal line, not a MG.

No, the thinking behind Zak1 is not "what kind of treatment does Zak1
deserve?", it's "how can we repackage the MG Zaku kit?"

> Heck, I wouldn't mind more GM MG kits. It looks like the MG line is going to
> turn into pricey standrad HG kits, instead of true MG kits.

It should be safe to say that HG and MG lines are not competing against
each other. The gaps in size, quality, price etc should mean that each
targets a different consumer group. The success of one line should not
encroach on the sales of the other. However, the fate of MG Gouf, Type
100, Bigzam etc is critically dependent on the success of MG Dom.

The HG kits make sense because Bandai has to pay attention to kids too.
The loyal MG and PG customers don't come out of nowhere, they were once
kids who could not have afforded much more than 300 Yens. If Bandai fail
to cultivate the preteens and teens of today into building kits, they will
be out of MG (or Devine Grade or Whatever Grade)customers in another 20
yrs. But as I said, making Turn-A hard to paint is not a smart move.

A quick poll: who's been smarter at merchandizing, George Lucas vs.
Sunrise/Bandai? It seems like George made enough money to cover the
production cost (US$140M?) from the toys, books, CD even before the movie
opened. George gave the the fans what they ask for: action figures,
action toys, computer games, stickers, lunch box, coloring books, picture
story book, but only 3 lousy kits (because no one builds models anyway).
From a pure profit point of view, how do you rate the marketing and
merchandizing effort of Sunrise/Bandai for this anniversary year?

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