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> > << Wow! I didn't know that. That is awesome! About how many weapons are
> > speaking of, 10, 100, 100?!?!
> > here is a picture of the Turn A in it's arsenal
> >
> Looks like this puppy gets an ample supply of those beam rifles (So I
> guess the burnout after the second shot was pretty much meaningless), a
> big supply of big honking Zolo-style bazookas (Multibazookas?) and a whole
> bunch of what appear to be panzerfausts, which have got to be an
> antiquated weaponry by the Turn-A era... Nothing particuarly surprising
> here, and the whole scene sounds hopelessly contrived... I mean, stumbling
> onto a cache of super-powerful weapons just as you walk into a battle?
> Even the idea of an underground weapons storage unit sounds copied off of
> Evangeleon!

Probe, what are those square looking things in that picture? They look like
Heat Sinks or something.

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