Tue, 18 May 1999 03:34:26 EDT

I was just thinking how much fun a Parody of Turn A Gundam would, not to be
mean to the show, I'm sure its going to be great. So here goes, its 3 AM, so
it could get silly, but Sarcasm is in Full Force:

WARNING!! This is an emergency Broadcast Parody Alert WARNING!!

We just got in the following information about the latest MS developments!:

Capule is dug up and activated, only to clang around a little and sputter
out. Its engine is totally shot, so they replace it with a steam engine, so
now we have "Soul of Steam Capule" with Steam Powered Weapons! :)

Turn A gets slaughtered and its replaced with "Pi Gundam, New and Improved"
with Pie Launcher and Lemon Icing Grenades and Cake Knife Sabers! :)

Sumo is smashed, its replacement will be "Extra Armored Sumo with even fatter
looking armor that is rubberized to deflect all enemy fire!" Yep, that was a
REALLY bad on! :)

I do like all three robots by the way, Please feel free to add to it, if you
I figure the ML could use a little Light Hearted Parody.

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