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> Let me say first that I love the Sumos, they seem the least "Syd Meady" of
> the TAG designs I've seen. However, these pics shown something a little
> more significant.
> Do these guys look the least bit familiar?
> No? Then take a look at this:

Um, so? I've known the Capule would be dug up since April. I don't mean to be
rude or anything, but alot of people on this ML have known or suspected, that
the Capule would be dug up in Turn A, myself included. The site I posted the
URL had an overview of the episode when the Capule was dug up. I really like
the Capule and Turn A(after I got used to it) myself. I've only seen Wing
Gundam, but I've read enough about the rest of Gundam to make this statement,
but Gundam feels fresh and brand new for some reason.

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