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Tue, 18 May 1999 11:23:13 +0800

>> Hmmm....it's a good kit overall, but the real problem is the
>>shoulder-to-arm ball joint (different from the shoulder joint itself...).
>>The left arm, which supports the BigMomma Shield is weakest at this
>>point...the shield falls off along with the arm...my solution was to fix
>>thie joint with white glue. DOn't expect much posability fromthe legs and
>>feet though, since his feet are so damn big.
>> Oh, and use a mix of off-white and neutral grey for the paint job...not
>>too much NG.
>Actually, the GPO2A has a light brown tint to its armor, as seen in
>0083, in contrast to the blue tint the GPO1 has.
>Mark Kai

        Hmmmm...I didn't see that...time to fix my TV's tint again.

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