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> Subject: Re: [gundam] (OT) SW: TPM Bad early reviews (was Turn-A Gundam
> I agree completely with what is said below. Critics are there to give an
> idea of what the movie is about, good and bad, pros and cons. Movies are
> art and art is based on a subjective opinion. Everybody has their own
> tastes and so forth. Like Matrix, some people didn't like Matrix because I
> don't know...they didn't know what the heck was going many of my
> friends, or it was too mediocre and stereotypical. However, I liked the
> Matrix and that's what's important. It doesn't matter what a billion
> people say about a particular piece of entertainment...just as long as one
> person likes it then it's successful...well...creatively that is.

My biggest gripe with most critics is that they try to sound smarter than
they are bitching about a movie not being well-told. By that they don't
mean that it's a crappy story or anything, they mean that it didn't follow
the story arc/3 acts ABCs of storytelling that they believe all movies must
follow. You give them a story that's confusing or has no obvious conclusion
yet is a great movie and they still don't like it. I've had it with those
clowns, especially when they review a movie that has some sort of background
or history that they just don't "get" and so don't take that into account.
Reviewers who have, in the past, said that "The Thing" would have been better
if it weren't for all the gore (what?), that Decker in "Blade Runner" slept
with a robot (what?!), etc. If it's not a romantic comedy or a Grisham
movie they are lost.


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