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> >This aspect of Amuro is really well written and very prophetic, witness
> >today you have a whole nation who doesn't bat an eyelash about careless
> >bombing.
> To which "whole nation" do you refer? Careless bombing has been a very
> devisive topic in the country in which I live, half of whom were on
> opposite sides of the same question with Vietnam a generation ago. We may
> not have taken the action that *you* deem appropriate, but *no one* is
> unsympathetic to the tragedy.

It concerns me a great deal that the embassy, of the no. 3 nuclear power
of the world and, to say the least, a mildly bad guy, was carelessly
destroyed. Not so long ago, embassy and diplomats were untouchables, back
in the saner days of the Vietnam War, both the American and Soviet
embassies were off-limit, even "accidentally". No matter, accidents do
really happen. The trouble is (1) all the Administration can offer is a
half-ass "Monica" apology and (2) the whole nation doesn't seem concerned
at all. So now the Chinese must be thinking if only they have ICBMs,
future accidents can certainly be prevented. Wrapped thinking? Of
course! But does it matter?

It concerns me a great deal that the no. 2 nuclear power of the world and,
to say the least, until recently a very bad guy, had just had a major
political earthquake. A very very bad guy can easily assume power in
Moscow if Yeltsin is continually embarassed as a weakling with a war
against his ally right at his own doorstep.

It concerns me a great deal that NATO have (with little remorse) admitted
to killing hundreds of Albanians, and have not yet even tried to estimate
if they actually have saved any single Albanians. In the NATO assisted/
approved news coverage, you constantly hear from the refugees: "where's
NATO?" "what have they done for me?". So even if you take NATO's words at
the face value, you must conclude that bombing has been counterproductive.
Yet the military continue to pat themselves on the back and this whole
nation cheer them on. Heroism is now officially dead.

> Generalize in haste, repent at leisure....

Sorry, repenting is pretty much out of fashion these days.

In Gundam (at least 0079), death carries a lot of weight. Amuro seems a
lot more troubled about killing compared to NATO pilots who have no
trouble sleeping after accidentally bombing refugee camps. "But it's only
a few out of thousands of bombs!" "I cannot second-guess my orders."

Everyone hear the cry for help, everyone know what must be done. If this
whole nation lacks the courage (euphemism "political will") to do it, she
should at least stop making things worse.

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