Mark Nguyen (
Sun, 16 May 1999 22:00:29 PDT

>Go ahead and scream at me for being devastatingly OT...but I'm desperate!!!
>Do any of you know how a person with AOL could find out the SN of a person
>who just has an AOL IM thingie but a non-AOL browser? Because I'm trying
>find out my friend's IM name and he doesn't have AOL so he doesn't have a

That's OK, since most on the GML (who're not all AOL obsessed with BS-ing
the TAG) don't get the OT jargon of your post. Your MIA friend may be KIA or
DOA if his SN registers to the KP of some AA WP URL, after all, so it's OK
and PC to post OT about this on the GML.

[Translation: It means... Well, I really don't know :)]


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