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> On the other hand... it probably holds the record for the Gundam with
>the shortest screen time and WORST luck! I mean, it gets shot down from
>space, dropped into the ocean, self destructed, rebuilt, launched into
>space, blown in half by Libra, etc etc...

        Ah yes.. the Terminator Gundam. "I'll be BAAAACCKK!" =]

> On the other hand, I liked the whole 'stealth MS' appeal of the G-boys'
>gundams... on the gripping hand, I wish they LOOKED stealthy! I don't care
>what kinda freaky radar-absorbing Goondanium alloy you're made of... a
>bright red white blue and gold robot just _can't_ be all that stealthy!

        If it's done in a Zaku style (Matt Green) instead of that
mirror-polish multi-colours paint job, I'll say it's stealthy too. =)

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