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>>With guns being easier for children to get a hold of than most people
>>comfortable admitting, it is easy to understand why even this list's
>>subscribers are questioning the excessive violence performed by
>>teenagers in
>>Gundam, in general, and in Wing specifically. Heero cackling after
>>incinerating enemy suits that had no real ability of actually hurting
>>him, I
>>would call a good example of excessive violence by a teenager shown in a
>>too positive a manner for a younger viewing audience. I'm not saying
>>younger people won't understand the difference between entertainment and
>>reality, but glorifying this kind of violence isn't right either.
>>So please don't take the comments on this list personally.
>I would hardly consider Heero a good role model for kids. He is
>afterall, trained at a early age to be a efficient terrorist. They did
>tried hard to wipe out useless emotions such as emphathy and compassion
>out of his system.

        That's the durndest thing, actually....physically, the GWing boys are made
out to be almost bishounen, while in truth, they are most definitely
unheroic -- at the beginning, at least. All of them have been trained as
terrorists, fighting for a "good" cause. It's almost like ideological
brainwashing. The only time I get to even like them is when they start
getting some sense knocked into their individual heads later on in the
series. Quattre is of course some sort of exception. That character
reminds me of some of the UC NewTypes.

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