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>> Nina Purpleton s just a little shorter than Kou, the top of her head about
>> even with his hairline -- I make it 173cm (68" or 5'8") tall. She is a
>> 21-year-old Lunarian, with her home town in Von Braun City.
>so how did u draw this conclussion from?? sounds possible... thanx for the

As noted in the earlier post, I have a number of reference books for 0083
in which there are "gang drawings" -- a lineup of the entire cast, all to
the same scale, used by animators to get the relative heights of the
characters correct. The gang drawing for 0083 has Kou Uraki front and
center, with the reference line against which all of the characters are
measured at the top of his head, with the notation "178cm" to indicate
Kou's height.

The rest follows from that -- unless you're asking about Nina's age and
home life, which are given in dialogue. (They make a big deal about
19-year-old Kou going after a 21-year-old "older woman" -- implying that
he's a mama's boy.)


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