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>>> Has anyone picked up the rights to Nadesico? That's a great series.
>>> I'd like to Future Boy Conan as well.
>>I'm pretty sure ADV got Nadesico. But they seem to take forever
>>their anime titles. ADV also got Garaski.
>Sounds like ADV scooped up the rights to keep others away, then they can
>take their sweet time releasing them. BTW, is Gasaraki even finished in
>Japan yet. Man, they jumped on that one. How about Cowboy Bebop?

We should see Nadesico later this year when ADV opens their floodgate
with about 10 TV/OAV. They have got another facility to handel all these
dubbing needs.

Hopefully, we will see Gasaraki next year.

Cowboy Bebop is due sometime in July from Bandai Entertainment.

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