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>With guns being easier for children to get a hold of than most people
>comfortable admitting, it is easy to understand why even this list's
>subscribers are questioning the excessive violence performed by
>teenagers in
>Gundam, in general, and in Wing specifically. Heero cackling after
>incinerating enemy suits that had no real ability of actually hurting
>him, I
>would call a good example of excessive violence by a teenager shown in a
>too positive a manner for a younger viewing audience. I'm not saying
>younger people won't understand the difference between entertainment and
>reality, but glorifying this kind of violence isn't right either.
>So please don't take the comments on this list personally.

I would hardly consider Heero a good role model for kids. He is
afterall, trained at a early age to be a efficient terrorist. They did
tried hard to wipe out useless emotions such as emphathy and compassion
out of his system.

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