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>packing 'Zooks. Now, the Gundams in WG _are_ vulnerable to things, say,
>like that two-MS "Space Cannon" and other big weapons... think of them

        I think I can recall that other Gundams die from the wierdiest of
direct hits.. _This_ Gundam just didn't care about any firepower dumped into
it's path. you're right. *YAWN*

> Actually, I think it's _more_ remarkable that apart from the WG's killer
>buster cannon and the Heavy-Arms's "Heavy Arm", NONE of the other mecha
>have any significant ranged weaponry!

        I noticed. I am always of the opinion of shooting the enemy as far
away from myself as possible. =) Apparently the creators of GW liked things
up close and personal, but IMO that's so incredibly inane.

> I believe she was tearing into the GP-01 with her Gelgoog's forearm

        Hmm? HAve to watch to check that portion again..

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