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Sun, 16 May 1999 06:23:37 -0700 (MST)

> The other few episodes I caught now and then doesn't change my view
> of them. Still I wasn't really following it.

  Well, I think it really caters to the "Modern" Teenage angst, in the
same way that ZG catered to the '80s Teenage angst...
  "For Every Time... there is a Whine"

> > Hey, the original gundam was _just_ as invulnerable to Zakus as the WG
> >mecha are to Leos. There's nothing new here.
> From what appears to be beam rifle shots and bazooka rounds???

  Well, 'effectively'. What I mean is, from the beginning of MSG the
Gundam was largely invulnerable to everything until the Zaku's started
packing 'Zooks. Now, the Gundams in WG _are_ vulnerable to things, say,
like that two-MS "Space Cannon" and other big weapons... think of them
more like the T-34... the enemy just didn't have any weapons on hand
powerful enough to penetrate the armor!
  Now, I'll fully agree with you.. the scene where Hiro was getting beaned
in the back while debating morality annoyed the heck out of me too. Mainly
because it kills any sense of danger from battle-scenes "Oh, he's
invulnerable. Yawn."
  But maybe that's part of the point.

> > Again, no different than the Type-100s Megabazooka, or any number of the
> True, true, and since it appears only Heero's suit had it, I can
> accept that too. After all, those Gundams are supposed to be one-of-a-kind

  Actually, I think it's _more_ remarkable that apart from the WG's killer
buster cannon and the Heavy-Arms's "Heavy Arm", NONE of the other mecha
have any significant ranged weaponry!

> >armored with Gundarium at all! After all, Cima's 110mm guns were seriously
> Hmm? I thought the last time we discussed this Cima was armed with a
> automatic beam rifle?

  I believe she was tearing into the GP-01 with her Gelgoog's forearm


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