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> >military defense program that runs into the $12 BILLION dollar range (Say,
> >the Stealth Bomber), where (I can say for a fact) you've got teams on the
> >order of 20 people just working on the _software_ and on simulations of
> Not to mention that it takes 10 years or so for a new aircraft just to
> reach prototype stage.

  Yeah, I was just reading Mark's synopsis of the 1YW Zeon mecha. The Zaku
is semi-realistic, being based on the Zaku-I which was designed before the
war. But during the war it gets pretty damn wacky! There's even a MS
that's "Conceived" in August, and has production units being produced in
September! Damn that's fast!
  As a point of reference, I believe the fastest ANY military vehicle has
gone from chalkboard to design is about 150-days... and that's just for
the _design_ to say nothing of actually producing the vehicle itself. (And
consider also that in this case things like the engine and other
components were copied/borrowed from other aircraft). The machine, in
question, is the venerable and famed P-51 of WWII!
  Since that time, in spite of all this CAD/CAM stuff, the time it takes a
machine to go from design to production has done nothing if not gotten
longer by a factor of 10! Back in WWII, new planes were coming out
'yearly'. Now-a-days, we're lucky if we get one new fighter every 10
years. Kinda ironic, considering as time goes on, the legnth of wars tends
to get shorter and shorter.

  If these trends continued through UC, we'd have the Zeons develop the
Zaku in, say, 0070... and the Feds not develop the GM until probably after
the war. Sayanora to all the other dozens of specialized MS!

> Hey Probe, are you at Raytheon? My brother just graduated and has accepted
> a job there.

  Raytheon in Tucson? Excellent, I've got scads of buddies working down
there right now! Is he in the missile-division? How's he like it?


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