James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sun, 16 May 1999 01:08:20 -0700

>> > vehicles as 'simple' as a Stealth Fighter (far less complex than a
>>MS) are
>> > designed by teams of HUNDREDS of highly-experienced engineers. You
>> > point to one person and claim he's the designer.
>> I don't know about that. In my company, we have a $12 million tool design
>> that has only two dozen people in the design team, and that's about average
> There's a BIG difference between a $12 million dollar tool design and a
>military defense program that runs into the $12 BILLION dollar range (Say,
>the Stealth Bomber), where (I can say for a fact) you've got teams on the
>order of 20 people just working on the _software_ and on simulations of
>the software, etc... and with on the order of 10 times that number of
>people working on the actual structure itself. Hell, my own department has
>40 people employed working full-time on nothing but the _nosecone_ of the
>next-generation AAM. And that's just one weapon!
> -Probe

Not to mention that it takes 10 years or so for a new aircraft just to
reach prototype stage.

Hey Probe, are you at Raytheon? My brother just graduated and has accepted
a job there.


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