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>> watching 0080 and 0083. My chief picking points are:
>> 1) The characters/pilots seems so lame...=) I can't related to ANY
> Well, if you only saw the first episode....

        The other few episodes I caught now and then doesn't change my view
of them. Still I wasn't really following it.

>> 2) The producers apparently worship Gundarium.. I mean, come on,
>> taking a _few_ direct hits on the back pack and still shrugging it off? And
> Hey, the original gundam was _just_ as invulnerable to Zakus as the WG
>mecha are to Leos. There's nothing new here.

        From what appears to be beam rifle shots and bazooka rounds???

>> that mega-mega-mega beam rifle?? I think 0083's treatment of Gundarium is
> Again, no different than the Type-100s Megabazooka, or any number of the
>famous 'buster rifles' from the UC continuity...

        True, true, and since it appears only Heero's suit had it, I can
accept that too. After all, those Gundams are supposed to be one-of-a-kind

> Yes, but it's questionable whether the 0083 Gundams were actually
>armored with Gundarium at all! After all, Cima's 110mm guns were seriously

        Hmm? I thought the last time we discussed this Cima was armed with a
automatic beam rifle?

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