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> There's a BIG difference between a $12 million dollar tool design and a
> military defense program that runs into the $12 BILLION dollar range (Say,
> the Stealth Bomber), where (I can say for a fact) you've got teams on the
> order of 20 people just working on the _software_ and on simulations of
> the software, etc... and with on the order of 10 times that number of
> people working on the actual structure itself. Hell, my own department has
> 40 people employed working full-time on nothing but the _nosecone_ of the
> next-generation AAM. And that's just one weapon!
> -Probe

And your point is? I'm just saying that not all projects with military
significance is staffed in the hundreds. The TOW missile was designed by only
one person, while the Space Shuttle had almost a thousand working on its
design. If Nina drawing out the GP01 and 02 designs all on her own seems to
be too unreal to believe, well, that's anime for you.

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