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>> Gundam, in general, and in Wing specifically. Heero cackling after
>> incinerating enemy suits that had no real ability of actually hurting
him, I
>> would call a good example of excessive violence by a teenager shown in a
>> too positive a manner for a younger viewing audience. I'm not saying that
> The fact remains that Japan has a rate of violent crime on the order of
>2000 times less than that of the US. I'd suggest that Gundam has pretty
>much nothing to do with it either way.
> -Probe

        I think that's because the series also shows that while they are
psychotic, they also have human sides...what, didn't Heero actually feel
very responsible about certain operations, What about Quattre, or the way
it's been explained how Trowa was brought up, or Why wufei calls his MS
Nataku, or why Duo is named Duo?
        I think the problem with violence amongst children is that it stems from a
somewhat widespread habit nowadays among parents to let social institutions
or the media take care of their children, rather than them doing it...and
then they complain when their children learn stuff they shouldn't. Uh-huh.
 That sounds like a cop-out.
        If you want violence to go down, it's not gonna happen through the
censorship of violent movies or "bad" cartoons. It will happen when
parents realize that they have children whom they have to love and give
attention to, not just give them what they want, or put them in front of
the TV or give them internet access.
        If one actually looks at the Gundam cartoons...heck, they are pretty deep,
even stuff like G-Gundam or Wing emphasize certain positive values which
are important, like giri, duty and honor, family. That is what's
important. Yes the characters are violent, but the question is why are
they that way.

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