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Most adults in the United States (and I would think the world over) do not
like the idea of children killing anyone, regardless of age. This can be
plainly seen in the recent media coverage of the Littleton, Colorado
incident. The media (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, local papers, and radio shows) seem
to like pointing figures at violent video games, action/horror movies, mature
animation, and the Internet, while ignoring the fact that peer pressure has
caused more school related violence than any form of popular entertainment.
With guns being easier for children to get a hold of than most people feel
comfortable admitting, it is easy to understand why even this list's
subscribers are questioning the excessive violence performed by teenagers in
Gundam, in general, and in Wing specifically. Heero cackling after
incinerating enemy suits that had no real ability of actually hurting him, I
would call a good example of excessive violence by a teenager shown in a far
too positive a manner for a younger viewing audience. I'm not saying that
younger people won't understand the difference between entertainment and
reality, but glorifying this kind of violence isn't right either.

So please don't take the comments on this list personally.

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